Shit On My Dad

Socks, Feet, Sweat, Spit And Piss

After a long day, we let the slave take off our sweaty socks, but he was allowed to do this, of course only with his mouth. To ensure that our feet do not stink, he licked all six feet extensively clean. We then used his mouth as a spittoon. Miss Jane and Cherie had later also to go to pee, what both completed directly through his skull. This has a good slave to endure, at the end he certainly smelled his mistresses *smile*.

Acrobatic Shitting

Today I try to be a bit acrobatic! I try to shit from my garden swing 😀

Icing On The Cake

I got one of those little fudge cakes and it looked so dry and crusty, I decided to make it more yummy for my sub! I took a nice warm shit all over the top and sprinkled it with hot pee too so it would be yummy and moist! Eat up!