Shit On Toilet

I Will Fulfill Any Your Whims, Mistresses

I will fulfill any your whims, Mistresses. Today the toilet slave had to perform several roles. The girls decided to have fun with him in full. At first, he was for them a doggy, which was supposed toexecute any commands. Then he was an ashtray and footrest. If the slave did not cope well with his duties, the girls were punishing him. Finally, it came that he waited the most. He had performed the role of toilet for girls. The girls hadgiven a lot of urine, so the slave had a hard time. In fact, he was flooded. Buthe withstood this stream and then was able to eat the shit of each of the girls.

Ms D’s New Cool!!

No itÂ’s not a prank or optical illusion, my girl Ms D is BACK!!! One of my original and longtime favorites, Ms D has decided to grace us with her prescence!! Ms D done got nice and fancy with her bigtime corporate career. So oftentimes she is just too busy to record. Well actually she was called back out of retirement by her number one fan. These are some unreleased and a few new ones that no one but him has seen yet!! Enjoy as she Spreads her ass to shoot out a load at work in the 1st scene. Then she returns again to push out some long snakes in the second. In the Finale, enjoy a nice pre shower treat from Ms D at Home!! Be on the lookout for more new clips coming from MS D as she is back in the game!!

Premiere! Harley Swallows Men’s Piss For The First Time!

Here I met again with my teen girlfriend Harley-24.Since Harley always wanted to swallow male piss and she knows that I swallow piss, like other waters, we had invited us a user.This user should piss us both nicely in our mouths.Said done, so we squatted on the balcony in front of the user-tail and he pissed us, alternately, a mega load of piss in our mouths.We swallowed both greedily his piss down and gave us horny piss kisses and made piss-swapping.Well the horny piss, Harley tasted just as good as me.I would say that was a successful premiere and Harley is an equally hot piss drinker, as I am!

Kinky Joyride!

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