Shit Orno Ob Auch

You Eat What You Are

It means everyone gets exactly what he deserves, and since a slave is only a loser I use him as I want. Where I just need to shit, Miss Jane brings me a toilet slave from the cellar. The filthy mutt comes just in time to push his mouth under my butt so that I can finally let go. Miss Jane pisses into his mouth and gives his useless cock a little surprise. As far as she can, she pushes her high heel into his urethra and his balls get a pair of decent beats. Well, everyone gets what he deserves! 😉

Human Toilet

Extreme pressure fueling the rubber sow with divine piss through funnel mask ! The lady wearing only a dress made of transparent latex …

Human Public Toilet Volume 5

This schoolgirl comes to use the well visited human public toilet. This girl has more solid shit for him. We can see the shit slightly stretch the asshole before landing into the waiting mouth of the hungry slave. He does his public service, consumes all and cleans his host politely.