Shit Out Liquid

Mistress Gaia – Getting His Erection Back

Today we are in the medical clinic. We have a patient that requires a medical exam regarding his inability to have a proper erection. So we are going to prepare him and try to find out the reasons for his problem. We get him to undress and put him in the gynecological chair. Our patient is a bit nervous as he doesn’t quite know what to expect from his two beautiful doctors. We give him some assurance and tell him not to worry. As we put on our rubber gloves, I can tell he is somewhat excited at the prospect of being examined. We begin by shaving off all his pubic hair. Then we examine his cock to see if he responds to our touches with the latex gloves. It does look like he may be getting aroused. So we decide to give him some nipple torture, to see if his response is due to the fact that he is has a medical fetish. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, and we would gladly assist in any way we can. It does indeed look like his cock is beginning to respond to our treatment. So we decide to get him back for another examination to see if we can develop his improved condition…

Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 7

Girls Uses Man

The Worst Diarrhea Ever!!!

We don’t like to use all caps too often but that was the reaction after seeing just how much Scat Sweetie unloaded in the toilet!!! My baby’s ass was on fire!!! I even had to massage her ass as she was unloading. This was a gassy, nasty runny case of diarrhea like I have never seen!! The Smell was HORRENDOUS!!! I don’t know what she ate, but her stomach heavily disagreed with it!!! It was nonstop farts, sharts! When you see the pile at the end OMG!!!! This is by far the Biggest, nastiest, funkiest pile EVER!!! This is by far the best clip we have made so far!!!

Mega Giant Sausage From My Rosette

Can not believe it,so a big turd crass i had never seen!! stretches my asshole and hardly listens to!!so close you can see this!!I love it…