Shit Penetration

Mega Diarrhea-shit For The Slave Mouth! Part 1

Part 1: Here you can see my Mega diarrhea-shit, in a slave mouth, from 4 perspectives, from the Full Movie: Mega diarrhea-shit for the slave mouth!Here is the next toilet slave under my horny asshole and got my delights, in his mouth. What`s new slave, did not know is that I was 3 days not poop,! And so he got a mega-diarrhea shit in his mouth and in his face. His mouth, his eyes, his nose, were characterized totally full with my shit. I also had to pee very much after the Mega shit, he nearly choked because he could not breathe.

Thanksgiving Day Dump 1080p

New comer Thai Michelle shares her after thanksgiving feast dump with you. She usually has a personal slave to eat her dump but he wasn’t around for the holiday so she had to use an actual toilet this time. She has a killer turd cutter and drops some hefty apples for you to enjoy. Judging by how much she dumped I would say she ate well.

Multiple Dump By Losing Team!

Volleyball competition the girls that loses takes dump on the stadium! Girls take a dump one by one and then make out with each other. Great movie!!!

Twice Shitting In The Bowl

Today you get two shits and both on the toilet …