Shit Poop Asian Japanese Toilet

Mistress Roberta – Socks Cleaning, Worship And Feeding Pot -full Video

Today my slave will clean my dirty smelly socks and clean them with his tongue one sock will be in his mouth and one on his cock to stroke with it and after he cleans good my socks he will clean my dirt and sweat from my divine royal feet until i decide is ok and after he will worship my perfect Goddess ass so today my slave is the most happy slave but i send him to bring me the doggy bowl so i can shit in it and feed itself with the fresh hot tasty shit that just came out of my ass, enjoy!

Slap The Worthless Slave P2

Now the slave must serve as a spittoon and gets repeatedly spit of Mistress Michelle into his slaves mouth and his face. Then Mistress Michelle pissing directly into his mouth and gives him hard face slaps.The slave swallows greedily the spit and the pee of Mistress Michelle.

Shit, Piss And Slave Used As Toilet Paper! Mega Low-sale Clip!

Here you can see a Mega Low-Sale Clip from the Full Movie: Toilet slaves meal! In this saving clip, you see how the slave, a bowl, holds under my pussy and I piss into the bowl! And then he had to hold the bowl, under my ass and I then a big, fat shit-sausage, in this poop. After that the slave had to serve me as a living toilet paper and had to lick my asshole clean. The liquid manure of shit and piss, I then pour, the slave, into his mouth and he had to swallow as well as eat, the liquid manure!

The Shitting Beauties

This is a fantastic movie featuring sweet girls with their turds…