Shit Poop Cat Piss Pee

Kiss My Boots & Drink My Piss!

I walk my fat-ass slave on a leash to get him some much needed exercise. To show him his place in the pecking order I make him kiss my boots and spank his ass. All of the sudden I have to pee so I think to myself why not piss in a cup and make him drink it? He’s certainly thirsty after all that ‘exercise’ :)) My pee is dark and intense, I am sure he will enjoy it! I give him a few sips, walk him a bit more, some spanking, and then another sip until it’s all gone.

Breaking Fast (fran’ais | English)

I expect deeper dedication from my dogs; there is no god but Mystique. You are made to worship me. So put your mouth to work; kiss my ass, beg for my spit, lick it off the floor, clean my shiny boots and present your balls to be kicked for my amusement.Then, it’s time to break that long fast – drink my piss, open your mouth for my shit – for today, you are receiving the holiest of meals.I humiliate this dog in French and English.

Hot Soup And Kaviar

Mistress Antonella. I’m preparing the lunch for you… a hot soup right from my beautiful pussy, then I add some kaviar from my sexy ass… then some pasta and cheese… I’m generous, isn’t it? I know you are hungry! Enjoy your meal!

Sparkles Still Doing The Damn Thing!!

Sparkle is back with four Great clips! Two at home and two away. Enjoy as she puts on her usual ass shaking, booty smaking action before proceeding to Pee and drop logs from that sexy ass of hers!! Sparkle is one hotty I can never get tired of! Her body is seemingly getting better with time like a customer mentioned in one of her reviews!! Watching that ass shake and wiggle is an added bonus!!