Shit Poop Toilet Female Girl

Mistress Roberta – Nectar And Creamy Shit -pov

Today i pee alot and poop a creamy soft shit doing the breakfast as fast as i can so i can feed you nice and slow first lick clean my ass hole of the smeared shit and after drink the pee lake that awaits you and after that lick all the shit on the floor until you finish it so enjoy today’s great breakfast with nectar and creamy shit .

Mistress Roberta – Huge Green Poop With Sexy Smearing -pov

Today i poop like half hard and half creamy but a very nice amount of green shit and after shitting i do some sexy moves on the shit to smear my sexy ass with your favourite food teasing you to lick clean my ass cheeks and ass hole so enjoy and bon apetit.

Mistress Gaia – Morning Mess

I woke up this morning with the urge to go to the bathroom to evacuate … So I do this, in fact: I empty myself completely, but I let you stay with me all the time. Down, on your knees, you will do all things that compete for a worm like you: smelling me, worshipping me without being allowed to touch me and, at the end, cleaning up my ass!