Shit Pooping Cat Puke

Mistress Roberta – Worship Your Queen Before Breakfast

Today ealy in the morning i have a very grumpy mood and i act as a Queen instructing the pot each step he mus take and first is body worship starting with the feet, legs ass, but at the feet he will give an extra cleaning to the soles and heels, and after i make a nice golden shower directed o his face but somehow he misses the pee and after i shit in his mouth and push the poop down his troat with my hand ordering him to swallow it all, enjoy.

Chocolate Chunks

Here is another nice chunky shit coming out of my ass. I am getting turned on at the thought of you, the paying customer scooping up some of my hot butt mess (from the bowl) and chewing it slowly for like 5 minutes before swallowing. Does the thought of it turn u on as much as it does me? Mmmmm now my pussy is wet.

Shitting And Pissing At The Hotel With Dirty Talk And Diarrhea!

Here you can see how I lift my skirt and shit with diarrhea and piss in a hotel. I always carry high heels and no toilet slave was present I could shit in his mouth. So I just shitting on the floor, with Dirty Talk for extreme and devote Toilet slaves. I’m always looking for submissive slaves and slave women whom I can shit in his mouth and piss! The then eat my shit and swallow my piss. And then serve me as toilet paper and my asshole lick clean! So get in touch with me. Kiss Your Rosella

In The Hand Shit..or? …

Well, my servings not really fit into a hand 🙂 Or is it? Check it out simply how much it has become well how was the consistency, I think you hand in the camera … questions, questions … 🙂 Have fun