Shit Puke An Piss

Office Ladies Performing Pissing Revenge On Coworkers!

With the office having a female boss, two office ladies get what they want after reporting a pair of abusive male coworkers! What happens is that the men are called into an office, only to be greeted with the sight of the two women they have victimized! Before they could do anything to defend themselves, the sweethearts lay them on the floor and sit on their mouths to feed them with their pussies! Eventually, things become dirtier with the ladies suddenly pissing inside the mouths of their respective victim! While in the middle of doing so, they would slowly strip off their clothes! When the women are rendered completely naked, the two would concentrate their effort on a single man! They would simultaneously smother him with their asses and pussies! By the time they are done with him, they do the same to the other guy!

Face. Shit. Girl. Scat. Play. Show

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Sugar Hill’s On The (bowel) Move!!!

Sugar Hill was out here trying to prove she can shit and walk at the same time!! Enjoy as she springs a leak out her booty seemingly EVERYWHERE!! Lol enjoy as her bowels weren’t the only thing on the run in these clips!! Enjoy as she begins with a naughty outdoor pooping clip in a parking lot. Then enjoy as she lays out the Welcome Splat in her foyer, then in her bedroom, kitchen, and even a trash can!! Sugar Hill was probably the naughtiest of all the FUNKY Ladies and this shows why!! Another classic load of FUNK!!

A Living Female Toilet, Swallowing Shit. Close-up

A real toilet slave is obliged to swallow a girl’s shit, as she swallows a delicious nectar! At the moment of swallowing, he has no other thoughts, except that now he performs the most important job of eating shit – a girl should not experience discomfort during the defecation – this is the main thing for the toilet slave!