Shit Rough Funnel

Pissing In The Bathtub ** Holiday Wangerland 2018 **

Fresh from the North Sea – Fresh from the beach I come to my apartment and my bubble presses without end. In the bathtub is already a little urine in the bathing trunks before I could take off her. Stopping the hot piss pushes even more on the bladder. Out of the pants and then pee nice on the hairy belly. Also, I wash down the sunscreen

Mistress Roberta -try To Give More Shit-pov

Today i give you a little bit of pee, a big shit trail and to lick clean my ass and my pussy and after i return to give you more shit but it doesnÂ’t come out no more so enjoy what you got

Bbw Occult – Stool Sample Poop

Oh man! I’ve had some GI issues lately. Diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping… you name it! I went to the doctor & had a rectal exam (wish I could have filmed that for you guys! hehehe) and they wanted me to get some stool samples at home to test for any occult (hidden) in my stool. Watch as I poo in the container on the toilet & then go through the test with you!

168.115 Mega Turd

168.115 Hello slave, I’m Mistress Isabella and this is the mega turd i do this morning. In this clip there are no slaves, just my very long and beautiful turd. The clip is 15 min because i show you it very well and i order you to eat it! MP4.In this clip you can see only my bottom and my turd! And you can listen my Divine voice. Beautiful close up!