Shit Shitting Cat Play

Mistress Gaia – Puppy Feeding Pov

ITALIAN SPOKENOh! you look so afraid down there looking up at your Goddess. I know you have been bound on the floor waiting for many hours. Are you gagging for some delicious scat from Mistress Gaia? Be patient. I’m going to have to put a nice choker collar, and leash on you. Just to make sure you are comfortable while I prepare your meal. It will also allow me to discipline you if you disobey me. I know you are going to enjoy this meal, so make sure you chew every bit of my scat properly, then swallow it. If you don’t, When I come back I will punish you severely. Buon appetito…

Femdom Session! Marie And Rosella Use A Slave! Part 2, Full

Here my teenage friend Marie-Skyler and I use a user as our living toilet. In the second part Marie jerks the slave’s cock hard around him! It did not last long and the guy sprayed and Marie collected his sperm in her mouth. I then blew the last remaining sperm from his eggs and collected this also in my mouth. Then Marie and I gave us horny cum-kisses and practiced cumswapping before the delicious sperm swallowed. The guy thought he was ready now, but far from it. Marie sat over his mouth now and he got the second fat load of women’s piss in his mouth. That was so much and with so much pressure that he nearly suffocated, since he also had to swallow this completely. This is already a taste for what awaits him soon, in further sessions with us! Lol

Lady Rosella And Maid Anna Poop Slave In The Mouth! Part 3

Part 3 of the Full Movie Mistress Rosella and Maid Anna poop slave in the mouth! Here have my maid Anna (Annas_feet) and I shitting. pissing and spitting a slave in the mouth ! He had to eat and to swallow our whole body exudates! Have extremely humilated the slave and he was then messed up! The slave got here the second portion of shit in his mouth and had to eat them. Of course he got here, also once again two times piss of us and we spit him both, again in his mouth!