Shit Should Be

Bbw Piggy Smearing Roleplay Shit

I’m your dirty, pooping, piggy! Watch as I crawl around in nothing but my piggy ears and nose, grunting, squealing, and being a dirty talking shitty pig! I show off my sexy, piggy body while I grunt and talk about my piggy ass and need to shit. I finger my piggy asshole… getting the big shit ready for you. Do you like the close-up of my asshole? Soon, I bend down on all fours (like a good little pig) and take a dump right on the floor. OH! A good pig has to smell & eat her shit!. I turn around, grunting, and smell my large load. Mmmmm…. I smell & pretend to eat my shit like the pig I am! Then, I grab some of my shit & smear it on my piggy titties! How much do you love this dirty pig?

Close Up Pissing

Close up Pissing (JJ000790)

Weronika – Drink My Pee – 06 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720. Time 6:17. Weronika is standing on bathtub and pissing to a man mouth. He lies on the bottom and drinks every fluids from her.