Shit Sister Trailer

Intruder Beaten And Drenched In Female Piss!

Two ladies are able to get out of work early so they arrive at home catching an intruder red-handed! However, they do not call the authorities, instead, apprehend the man on the spot! What they do is take turns kicking him on the stomach until he falls on the ground in pain and defeat! They then further make him suffer with some grappling and wrestling! Shortly after, they take turns sitting on his face and feeding him with their pussies! By the time they get satisfied, they simultaneously piss on his face, consequently drenching him completely! He also gets some urine inside his nose and mouth, causing him to swallow a couple of mouthfuls of it as well as desperately grasping for air! The only time they stop is when there is nothing left for them to piss!

Shit On Rubber Boots1

I found several pairs of rubber boots at home. Now I measure them and throw them into the pile. I’m starting to shit rubber boots. it is great

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Seeds Shit For Breakfast-pov

Today i pee just a bit to wet the paper towels and i poop a nice full of seeds shit looking like a big cupcake and i bet is so good and tasty because it is creamy but not soft and haves different collors here and there you can practically see all the fruits i have eaten and seeds; the smell of your breakfast will call you to eat all i have done for you so enjoy slave!