Shit Sorority

Student Shitting For Extra Credit! – Part 2

He tells her to shit more, he’s not satisfied with the small mound of feces resting on the floor. So she strained her asshole to eject more shit, crying in humiliation as she does so.

Driving Home To Shit!!!

I had to run a couple of errands this morning and before I got home my tummy started growling and cramping! Oh oh, I gotta shit! I drive as fast as I can so I can make it home and not shit myself…I make it to the bathroom and undress just on time to let out a stinky one right my thong panties. Come watch as my delicious scat comes out and makes a nice big pile on the floor. I also pull down the panties so I can show you my pussy and asshole…so dirty, and stinky!!! I also get to smear some poop on my plump butt cheeks before running my fingers though the pile…so sexy!!!

Decorating With Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! I thought I push on my body the shit and rub it. I was looking for a kitchen tool and put it in my shit, then I pushed it to my body. My shit was hard, so hard to come out. But then I was fucking everywhere.