Shit Under Skirt

Shit From Ass

I really want to shit. I take a glass bowl. I sit down on my couch and squeeze into the bowl. shit from my ass can be seen close-up. I’m treading shit in the bathroom.

Night Vision Shit – You Even Watch Me Poop In The Dark

OMFG, did you record me shitting in the middle of the night..why? you sick fuck. You must be some real scat perv, well I will show you..I toot my ass up towards the blinking light which must be where the cam is. I am sure to spread my ass so that you can get a look at the shit coming from in between my ass cheeks and out of my sweet little hole. From there I try to go again after pushing out such a long shit, I grab my pregnant belly in hopes that I can get the rest of the shit out and well…just watch and see what happens..

What A Wanker You Are!

You make me sick, almost to the vomit. You like being insulted, you tell me that you get excited by me … but you don’t have even a dick big enough to masturbate. Really? Do you call DICK that fucking ridiculous and shapeless thing you have between the legs? Look at me well while shitting and come if you are able… but I think it will be very difficult for a loser like you!

Ariel’s Shitty Dildo Teaes

This is so fucking hot! I take a big, long, brown, stinky shit and play with it. I’ve got my big purple dildo that a shove up my sweet little ass hole, I play with and smear my shit all over my rose bud anus. I also use my air blower and blow dirty air into my butt hole.