Shit While Anal Games

Pee Vomit And Double Shit

To teach the new slave immediately our way, we show him what is expected from a toilet. A living toilet has to swallow snot, puke, piss and shit, and that’s exactly what the new slave gets into his filthy mouth.

Lady Darlin & Slave Drinking Piss From Another Silicone Goddess

In this movie we combined one bdsm movie with Lady Darlin and her toilet and other with slave and his New Silicone Goddess ! In the first part, Lady Darlin inserting into cock and balls saline injections, and stroking her toilet slave cock and in the other movies you can see the slave how he jerk off and cumming a lot in his hands then in the third movie he will be put on his bed by his new Silicone Goddess and use it as full toilet to can drink all her morning piss.

Diva Staxxx Gotta Booboo!!

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