Shit While Fuking

Shot Bleed Suck

I shit my husband on the tail but it is very solid with me and it comes out only a puke so my husband gives me his shit. I spread her on his cock and blow him. I’m not so practiced and throw it completely on his cock and continue to bubble until it comes


Hot huge loading 4 days shit in sexy brown panties!


I try to come up with clever titles and descriptions, but this clip just had me at a loss of words!!! Melissa was just the perfect storm of big ass and big turds in these three ploptastic adventures!! I swear you will be amazed watching this juicy chocolate ass squeeze out some Burmese Pythons out her ass!! She’s got a new camera so the quality is even better in these clips than ever!! You will be screaming as you fap to this one!! ‘DAYUM, Damn, Damn!’ like you were Florida Evans watching these overgrown drop in the pool from out her ass!!. And that ass though!! I just want to reach throught the screen and slap that muthafuka!!

Poop In My Purse!

I have to go to class but I have to take a shit very badly, I think I’ll make class interesting today by taking my poop with me! Yes, naughty, I know…;)Watch me poo and pee in my purse and take it all with me to class!