Shiting Anal Fist

Second Step Toilet Slavery

If the slavegirl does not want or can not eat shit, it is necessary to push it deeper into the throat. Chokes but swallows, starts to eat, my shit. Yes. My method works

Get All Shit From The Source

This morning I will torture my toilet slave. He very much wants that I used him instead of a toilet every day. Well, I have a lot of shit for you, but at first you have to lick carefully mine asshole. Enter more deeply in my hole with your tongue and get a little shit from the source. You already feel bitterish taste of delicious shit and your dick will get up. What are you waiting for, jerk off, my toilet. Eat all shit, it’s easily!


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Damn Wanker

Again my toilet is not cleand up in time! So the idiot must learn his lesson, I use him as replacement toilet! His choking and his distorted face let me smile! The damn wanker will not clean my toilet too slowly again!