Shiting Dirty Sex

Akio’s Fetid, Salty Surprise – Part 1

Akio tries his best to keep his mouth and throat wide open as the first glorious shower came. The piss was thick and salty. Next came the thick turd that almost didn’t have a proper tip. It squelched noisily as it slid out, and engulfed Akio’s mouth.

I’ll Eat My Scat And Suck Your Shitty Cock

I am YOUR slave. I will serve my scat. I will eat my own scat. I will spread my scat all over your cock before taking your shit covered cock into my mouth. I will suck your cock and clean your cock clear of my shit. Once I have cleaned your cock, you will add more scat onto your hard cock and I will suck you and clean you time and time again until you are ready to finish!

Laura Uses A Toilet To Pee

Our sexy model Laura wears some hot red pieces of clothing. But not for long! Soon she starts to undress and shows you her sexy body! But that’s not all you want to see, is it? So she moves to the toilet and stands above it. She bows over a little bit and then starts to pee! Ahh, much better! But there is still some pee in her! So she sits down and presses the last drips out of her sexy pussy ? THAT’S what you want to see, isn’t it…?