Shiting During Se

Chimaki Bathroom Poop

Meal prep and a nice poop!

Scat On The Toilet Chair

The Mistress Giorgia Divina today decides to give the good morning to all the slaves with a beautiful video made in her wonderful toilet chair, begins with a beautiful piss abundant as usual.Following the Mistress begins an abundant and soft shit, which fills a bowl placed under the chair … The mistress takes a piece with her fingers and tells the slave to open her mouth …And you toiket slave that you are reading …. do you want to come and try it?

On My Work,i Shit A Very Long Sausage!!

This is the first time i shitting on my work!! The Chief is not here,then i go to the toilette and you see my rosette when the long and dick sausage comes!! Then you see that im on my work!!

Thick Dumpling

Perched quite close in front of your nose to the ground, barefooted, I poop a pretty thick dumpling on the floor! Make fast to the loo and pee, then comes a second helping on top of the pile! We look at it and flush it down the toilet together! Yum! 🙂