Shiting Force

Young Secretary Shits In Front Of Boss

Now let it out, Chinatsu said again in anticipation. The thick tip peeked out and Chinatsu could see peanuts and bits of rice in the thick, hard log. She imagined Momoka’s intestines grinding up the food into fine paste, before making it as hard and as dark as it was. Primed and hardened to perfection. Momoka’s anus stretched to let out the almighty shit, which began to color the air powerfully. Chinatsu would like to smear herself with. She imagined breaking the warm poop and spreading it all over her breasts like a beautiful lotion, giving her skin its proper sustenance. Her nipples hardened at the thought.

Toilet For Two Beautifull Girls

Two young goddess used their toilet. Adelina and Alexandra. Girls were well prepared for this meeting, they ate a lot and don’t go to the toilet for a long time. It was the most humiliate session for the slave. Girls were very well prepared – and they filled the slave with shit to the bitter end! Toilet slave served 2 beautifull Mistresses! It is inconceivable that anyone can tolerate such humiliations and be used instead of the toilet. But these girls are capable of much. They make you a toilet!

Best Shit-smeared Fucking! – Part 2

She doesn’t care if the whole room smells like shit already, she enjoys fucking better in this condition! They can bang her from behind, front, and center, and she will take it like the pro that she is, shit, piss, and all!

Princess April First Time And Slave In Floor Integrated Part 1

Here the Girls out the Slave Underground to better serve them Part 1. English Subtitles