Shiting Ganbag

Shit On My Body2

I shit in my bathroom. this is seen in close up. now i’m smearing shit on my body. i stink badly I caress the body of shit. do you want to lick me i wash the shit off my body

Your Mouth Is A Toilet For Me – Hd Version

So, my toilet slut is lying on the floor and kisses my feet, licks my shoes after the walk. Today you’ll have to lick my ass while I do not want to use the toilet. Lick softer, only lick, without touch, working with your tongue. Open your mouth and swallow my creamy shit. Lick my shitty ass faster. I know you like it..

Pee Mistress Isabella’s Servant

182.1 Hallo my dear slaves, this is a very recent video with Coccorocco doing my improbablr servant. You know, he is not good for torture…. i had a lot of fun in this video! This is the firs part with pee (and torture too)!!!! MP4. It is 19 min.