Shiting In And Als

You Need To Swallow Faster

Really cruel video in your collection! My shit is fat and big! This time my slave have to swallow it all and clean my asshole after that because I don’t have toilet paper and I hate to use it anyway. You will see from the perfect angle and best quality how he takes pounds of shit in his dirty mouth. His tongue lubricates inside my ass. I order him to swallow my smelly shit because he has to clean me everytime and everywhere!

Mistress Lilly – Huge Turds And Dirty Panties

Mistress Lilly back with another shitting movie. She really is a fan of shitting and scat play and you will see this in this movie. She can shit enormous turds. For the fans of big scat, big shit, this is a movie to have it !

2nd Huge Prolapse

2nd HUGE Pee& Poop PROLAPSE Full ROSEBUD In&OutThis is second video of me prolapsing while pooping in a toilet. This you will see really close up shots of my full rosebud and some of my pussy prolapse. I really grunt and push and flex my asshole open and closed, My rosebud going In and Out.ENJOY EVERYONE!From you favorite redhead!