Shiting In Herself

Scat Mistress

This is his toilet hell and I am his devil! Stick that tongue into my ass, further, further; be prepared to eat whatever gifts I may have for you–be prepared to eat all my gifts tonight, toilet! I tease you with my perfect ass. Rejoice that you are allowed to lick her.

2 Mega Big Heaps Of Shit From Princesses

2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses. Kristina and Yana were very well prepared this time – they accumulated large piles of shit! Yana went to visit her mother and ate a lot, her shit contained a large number of grains that clogged her teeth. And Cristina’s shit was sticky and with a strong taste (as usual). It was a difficult swallowing. The girls were very persistent and very smelly.===The girls were happy to see the feeding table that I did!

Mai Look Out Below

Standing with a tail made of poop! Self-filmed. Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Scat On The Toilet Chair

The Mistress Giorgia Divina today decides to give the good morning to all the slaves with a beautiful video made in her wonderful toilet chair, begins with a beautiful piss abundant as usual.Following the Mistress begins an abundant and soft shit, which fills a bowl placed under the chair … The mistress takes a piece with her fingers and tells the slave to open her mouth …And you toiket slave that you are reading …. do you want to come and try it?