Shiting Mouth Slave

Diva Staxxx’s Shit And Shower Fun!!

Diva Staxxx is getting ready to Get her day started!! Nothing like a nice dump before hopping in the shower. She spreads wide and releases a loose shit in the bowl. Enjoy a nice streaming piss and as she grunts out some more. Once finished, it’s time to get that big phat, FUNKY ass nice and clean!! Enjoy as she cleans all her cracks and crevices. She really stuck whole arm damn near in her ass to get it clean! lol…After all those suds, it was time to wash em away. She was really feeling that faucet on her pussy though…Enjoy as Staxxx decided to rub one out in shower as well!! She sent out an S.O. S on this one!! That stands for shitting, orgasms, and showering!!

Full Meal Of Diarrhea Part 1

In this weekend Godess cannot receive her slaves and she was obliged to empty her bowels full of Diarhea by herself, in some plates. Enjoy the 2 different Diarrheas from saturday and sunday morning. More kinky shit action from tomorrow with her slave.

Nerd Boy Eats Cheerleader’s Shit!

He’s so hot for her that he’s willing to do anything to please her. So she makes him lie down and open his mouth wide. She pushes hard and out comes a solid bunch of shit. He took it all on his mouth!