Shiting On Ebony Girl

Mistress Roberta – Gloves Full With Shit For Breakfast-pov

Today i make an special breakfast for you first i pee as usual, after i poop on the floor of the shower, and after the shit i order you to lick clean my ass hole of the remaining shit betwin the cheeks and i take some gloves, glaze them good with the creamy shit, tasty looking and so very smelly and after glazing them i remove them from my hand and give them to you to suck the shit out of them also the rest of the shit is waiting for you next to them .

User Pony3311, Pissing In His Mouth!

When I met with several users in a film studio in Düren, I pissed also the User pony3311 in his mouth. He just wanted to taste my delicious champagne! What he did, of course, and it has, my delicious piss, also very good tasted! But he was so greedy that he has swallowed it!

Ass To Mouth

brave man tries to eat all that come out and swallows quickly to avoid a filled mouth