Shiting On Hidden In Toalet

Direct In Your Mouth

I am your Mistress and you must obediently carry out my assignments. Lie down the stupid scum on the floor and open your mouth. Stick out your tongue and polish my shoes to shine. Do you like being a floorcloth for your Mistress? Now you’ll suffocate from my beautifull ass. I sit on your face. Lick my asshole and smother. Now it’s time for breakfast! Then I stood on top of the slave’s face and shit in his mouth. I hit the target right in the mouth and the slave swallowed my delicious shit. And finnaly, I spit in a slave’s mouth and I plug his mouth with my feet so he can not spit out my shit. Eat all my shit, toilet, swallow it. Make it snappy!

5-in-1 Nice Shit Then Cum Hard

#1 – Long Pushing Hanging Shit Then Cum!!! HardI was super horny and it always feel so good to shit and really grunt and push it out enjoying that sweet feeling of release. I was really pushing and struggling to get all my shit out in this one!! I came so hard at the end and my clit was so sensitive. You really get good long looks at my gaping pussy in this one and a long dangling piece of poo while exiting.#2 – Nice Shit Then Made My Pussy CumI was super horny and no better way then to release my bowel and enjoy that sweet feeling of release. I was really grunting and moaning in this one and really vocal too!! I came so hard at the end and my clit was so sensitive. You really get good long looks at my gaping pussy in this one.#3 – OMG I’m Going To Shit My PantsI was sitting watching a movie and all the sudden I had the most outrageous urgent NEED to POOP!!!I ran upstairs to the bathroom and on the way there I thought I shit my pants a little and barely made it to the toilet before I exploded!!!! You will have to see the ENORMOUS LOAD I shit out!! I looked down and couldn’t believe it!But It felt so good to release so much shit that I couldn’t help but play with my pussy because it feels so good right after a nice big shit! I make myself cum really hard and it felt so good!!#4 – Natural Redhead Autumn PROLAPSES At The Movies!Hi fellas, yesterday I was on my way into the movie theater to see the new Underworld film and stopped for a quick pee and then oopsie realized i had to poopsie!!! LOL Anyway I figured I would share my quick adventure with you and give you a fun lil POV video. In this clip you really get to see a glimpse of my gaping cunt and prolapsed shit hole as I grunt it out! #5 – 1st HUGE Toilet Pee&Poo PROLAPSE Really GruntingI desperately needed to take a huge dump and could hardly wait to get to the bathroom almost pooping in my pants. There are super close up shots of my huge prolapsed ass and prolapsing pussy. I am really grunting and pushing the entire video.ENJOY EVERYONE!!Your favorite redhead with the best prolapse

Bestfriends Shit Everywhere!

These bikini babes must have eaten some bad guacamole and now their stomachs are hurting so bad! After pooping on the side of the road, they managed to find a public restroom. Once inside, they sit down and poops some more! They plan to move from place to place and shit whenever they feel like it!

Pleated Skirt Logs

Before I headed out to the store, I felt an urgent need to poo… thankfully i wasn’t wearing panties so i could just drop some toilet paper on the ground, squat, and take my dump! I wink my asshole afterwards and show off my log 🙂