Shitmechine Ass Fucker

Eat Our Cornea Slave Cunt Scatpart P1

Humiliated and prepared is the slaves pussy ready to further be whipped and kicked. Today, the slave may also taste the earwax from the Scatqueens and of course the spit. Then Lady Kimi has to shit and piss. She pees through a funnel a fat load in his mouth and then fills the gap with a huge soft pile of shit a la Kimi. So delicious for toilet slaves.

Scat Cats 07 Second Cam

This is the same clip ike Scat Cats 07, only from a different camera angle:The cats piss and shit in a cats toilet, then they feed the slave with all the cats shit! It is a lot, and he need to swollow all! At the end Kimmy-Cat shits the rest directly into his mouth!

Shitting In Front Of The Toilet

To the toilet I’m not make it. I’m shitting in front of it. I squeezed the sausage already so fucked up that I have previously lowered directly onto the tiles. Show me while. In the end you still get this gem of a really thick sausage to be seen. Will you have it?

P – Extremal Humiliation – Full – Mix – Ii – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 30:10. Mistress Weronika is pissing into slave mouth. That is special drink for him.