Shitpiss Teen

Japanese Femdom Scat 3.

Very Sexy,Sadistic and Perverted Japanese Females using there male slaves as toilets !! The clip starts with a very attractive Japanese Mistress taking a huge shit into her masochist male slaves mouth, the pathetic slave has taken a very heavy beating, his body covered in severe purple marks and welts !! very extreme !!In another clip, three attractive females dominate there male slave, burning his body with lighted cigarettes, stuffing the slaves mouth with waste, and pissing over him.

Ms D’s 48 Hours Of Funk!

Ms D is back with over 20 minutes of HOT action!! All recorded over a 48 hour period. Seems she ate something that fucked with her stomach at work and she had to take SEVERAL bathroom breaks over the course of the two days. Luckily for us she recorded them all!! Plenty of the Grunts and strains you have grown to love from Ms D and Plenty of plops and farts as well! You can even hear the sounds of other women using the toilet in adjacent stalls. A Great Two day collection from Ms D!! She Starts the action off with an all gas EXPLOSION!!! Looks like it wasn’t ready then. But she returned later that day for two more gassy dumps. The Fun carries over to the second day!! Nobody makes clips as loud and as gassy as Ms D!! If her boss was wondering where she went – She was in the Bathroom Boo-Booin!!!

Elevator Fiasco!

She really needs to go to the bathroom to let her shit out, but it’s taking to damn long for the elevator to go down. She can feel her stomach rumbling, her scat threatening to explode in her panties. But the elevator is taking so long, her shit splattered instantly from her asshole, scattering down her legs and into the floor. She cries desperately in humiliation as she waits for the elevator to open and she can leave, hoping no one sees her and her disgusting mess.

Today’s Menu For A Toilet Slave

Here is the Today’s Menu that Mistress Melissa offers to her toilet slaves. A bowl of steaming turds and a big glass of yellow urine. The first who reach my house, can eat and drink for free!