Shits All Over Herself After Anal

Your Mouth Always Be My Toilet, Loser!

I hurry to go home after work and I need to poop. I take off my panties and and sit down on the toilet edge. Open Mouth and don’t move. Oooh, it feels so good! I’ve been patient for so long while running to my house. Maybe I ate something superfluous today at my lunch time. Oh look at his face. It’s so dirty and stinks. You are so disgusting. Now, loser, eat my shit! You liked watching me shit, didn’t you? I thought so… I’ll see you tomorrow ….


A huge amount of slaves write us about being a filming slave in extreme pain and/or human toilet scenes. Normally a huge percentage of these applications are guys wanking in front their computer and most would never dare to show up for a shoot like that. In this case the slave Bryan really had no choice, as he already showed up. Basically Mistress Chloe should pee (a lot) and why go to the toilet when you have 3-4 slaves waiting to film? Slave Bryan was picked and dragged to the dungeon. First Mistress Chloe chewed and crushed some chocolate biscuits into a bowl to make it a real meal for slave Bryan – then she pee on top of the biscuits, not just a small pee but basically fill up the whole bowl. Then come the big question; Are you hungry slave? Well there was not much of a choice for poor slave Bryan, as he would have to drink and eat it all.

Scat Sweetie’s Got Her Finger On The Trigger!!

Enjoy as we have a back and forth banter as Scat Sweetie tries to take a dump. Sweetie was a little constipated, enjoy as she sticks her finger up her ass to help ease out a MASSIVE log!! It felt soooo good coming out her ass. Sweetie Let me Smell her finger too. She thinks it doesn?t smell like nothing, but I tell her it smells like shit!! Then enjoy as we have a hiliarious discussion about domestic violence. Please note we don?t find Domestic violence cool at all but it did make for some silly dialogue! She was so constipated though! She kept fingering but only the massive log came out

Shit For The Shower

He woke me up at night abdominal pain. I ate too much for dinner. Belly hurts, I can not make a heap and pee. I?m trying to squat and do shit, standing does not want to get out of ass. I do so shit into the shower. Finally, there is a beautiful golden shit !!!