Shits Her Face

Fat Shit Loads

Pushing out my thick turd loads just for you! They feel SO good coming out of me, nice and thick, and stretch my little hole SO wide as they crawl their way outta my butt. Knobbly, thick, hard, and juicy… And you’re gonna take care of them, aren’t you? I’ll just poop where and however I please, and you’ll be there to clean up after me! Go make yourself useful, shit-eater!

Oh No!! I Ve Done Al In My Light Skinny Jeans

like title..i dont feel good, i ve got a bad stomacache and im full of pee and p_o but i want to resist, no i ll never go on wc..oh noo!!!! uff…i have doit all in my jeans, then i put it off and all my p_o falls!

In My White Panties

Taking a big shit in my white cotton panties.

Excellent Diarheea In Hosiery

Godess just buy a pink pantyhose and wanted to try them with her gorgeous Diarheea. She pee through them in her lobby then she gave way to a torrent of shit through them. Enjoy the latest fetish of my Godess, to fill her hose in shit by herself. She is so horny when she is dirty in her ass !!