Shits In Panty

Toilet Training With Maxi Tease Pov

I know you want to become My toilet slave, who wouldn’t?!?But first, you need to experience what exactly that means when serving a Caribbean Dominatrix.I require ALL My toilet slaves to serve as a full toilet, otherwise, your toilet slavery means nothing to Me.This soft introduction includes maxi pad slavery.Stop focusing on My big beautiful 46inch ass and start focusing on your duties, My toilet slave!

My Chocolate Factory In Close-ups!

Here you can see my chocolate factory 3 times in Close-ups while pooping and 1 times the outside spraying of a piss enema!

Scat Ecstasy

One of my supporters, this time from the UK, came to me to get educatedas a human toilet.I visited him in his holiday home and started to use him for cleaningpurposes.I dumped a cup of coffee on the ground and then allowed him to lick itup, then I also put the content of the ashtray to it.Now it was time to begin his education as a toilet – so I shit a hugeload into his mouth. Instantly he started swallowing it all. He reallycame into an ecstasy, moaned and worshipped me!Then he was allowed to drink my golden juice. He layed down and openedhis mouth as I slowly started peeing.I think, now he is really addicted to Lady Chantal!

Who Of Your Shiteaters Is Up For Toilet Duty Part 2

In this Video the Girls use the Slave to clean their Feet and then to poop into him