Shits Poop Cam

The Scatqueen

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle wants to shit into the mouth of her toilet slave. This time the shit lands not exactly in the mouth, but on the face. What a pity. From there, however, everything is then pushed into the toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle also helps and spits on top.

Toilet Daily Dump

Nothing but the best of what I ate all had to depart as I hand you a special position backwards on toilet. What an AMAZING gift I hand to you. IMAGINE this white toilet being your face and mouth against my gorgeous black ass.

My Roommate And I!

I was so horny all day, I can’t help but reach inside my panties and play with my clit. My roommate walks in and berates me for not joining her in on the fun. I make amends by pulling her into my bed and making out with her. I pushed a squirt bottle up her ass to give her an instant enema. Moments later, she shits on the bed, shit that we can share later on.

Kaviar Babes Extreme!

Mimi and her girlfriends shitting extreme for the very first time! – Including shit smearing of a beautiful blonde girl….