Shitsous Marin

Shit In Pantyhose1

I’m starting to shit. this I do in my pantyhose. my shit can be seen close-up. tights are full of crap. I am pleased with myself. I take off my pantyhose and show shit close up. I smear shit on the ass. this is a super sensation.

Under My Shitty Ass! Mistress Emily!

I want to play with my toilet slave again and to watch how he is humiliated and suffers my mockeries. Today he will be my toilet and he had to get hungry since I didn’t feed him two days. He cleans my shoes and heels by his dirty slave tongue. And I watch that he to gloss licked my footwear. Then I get up over him, so that his face has appeared directly under my ass and slightly sit down over him. Sweet and dense shit leaves my asshole and comes directly to his throat. He swallows each piece of shit and enjoys… He is waited by one more portion of a big breakfast and sweet piss from Mistress Emily. I’ll spit in his dirty mouth and I will control process of feeding of the slave. If you want to taste delicious breakfast from Mistress Emily, then you must come to me. You are already waited by a portion of my fresh shit.

Multiple Shitty Situations Part 6

Girl Uses Man