Shitswhile Getting Fucked

Mistress-gaia – Ass Lickers Delight

I have my slave lying on the floor and he’s been prepared and waiting for me to arrive. As I sit down, I can see the anticipation in his eyes, as he desperatly wants to enjoy the pleasures I have to offer. I light my cigarette and think about using him as my ashtray. However, that would spoil his delacy. I remove my panties and get him to lick my ass. I want to make sure his taste buds are smarting. As he continues to lick, I finish my cigarette and tell him to open his mouth. I gently deliver my shit straight into his open mouth, and tell him to make sure he chews and swallows it. When I’m finished with my slut, I leave him to enjoy his appetizing treat and swallow all my shit…

Peeing On His Face

Peeing on his face (JJ000484)


Oxana is trying her new orange pants with messy poop.