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Stupid Toilet Slave Is He Eating It Or What Part 1

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While walking alone in a silent neighborhood, a man is grabbed and brought inside a house! Before he could fully comprehend the scenario, he is already lying on the floor with an apparatus secured to his mouth! There are tubes connected to it, each leads to a crotch of a woman sitting on both his sides! Without wasting anymore time, the dominatrixes give him a taste of their piss! Apparently, the apparatus makes sure that the victim swallows every drop of urine they can release! When the two are finished, they remove the device and then bend him over! Unfortunately for him, they are not yet done! One is busy holding a cup near his penis and is making him piss into it while the other is finger fucking his asshole! When he doesnÂ’t abide by their orders, the lady thrusts her fingers harder and faster! As soon as the cup is filled, they hand it to the victim and has him drink it as well! Accomplishing it is the key to his freedom!

Wc Husband By Mistress Isabella

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Princess Tina First Time Shiting On Slave

You will love this natural girl. She is a litlle shy but really noughty at the same time, and as we asked her if she would shit in somebodeys mouth, the answer was: why no?After she did she went to Nikki and explainn her what she did.