Shitt On Penis

Ne Fette Wurst F’r Dich (kv)

Stell dir vor ich würde dich anscheißen und du liegst unter mir! 1/13

Husband Eats Shit For Midnight Snack!

He’s on a diet but he just couldn’t stop eating goodies at night. So one night, the wife decides to give him something that will not give him extra calories. She sits on his face and takes a dump right into his mouth. She wipes his mouth clean afterwards..

Natasza Scat & Enema 1

I am Natasha, I love to do myself an enema in the morning and evening. In my shower tub pour water into the rectum, I love how warm water expands my anus very tight, then open the anus and water shoots shit out of me … would you like a strong jet to hit to your lips? How do you fancy to write to me: