Shittgirl Shitting

Terrace Pissing

Dressed in a killer black leather/latex outfit I am pissing like a fountain on the terrace! Video includes also a slow motion part of the pissing action! HD quality! You could see how it gushes from my peehole crystal clear and detialed.

Mistresses Holds A Piss Party For You! – Full Movie

These bitches aren’t down for the usual clubbing and shit, oh no. They prefer their parties a little unusual than the norm. They get a willing guy who’s man enough to take their shit, literally. Right now, their manslave is chained to the chair, his face a human toilet for the girls. They take turns sitting on the chair and defecating on his willing and open mouth. They peed on the bowl and make him drink every drop of it.

Lil Stinks Let It Come…

Every week we seem to have a different lady out for ‘Dumpination’, and Lil Stink is taking her turn!! Like I said before, my favorite child changes almost daily! When you get clips like these last two from Lil Stink it’s easy to see why!! I could see things both go in and fall out that ass of her’s all day long!! Every time I see that new tattoo on her ass I wish I was more artistically inclined!! How much fun did you think this Tattoo artist had creating that!!? I mean seriously now that she has come out her shell, I am falling in love with this girl!! Easily one of the sexiest women i have ever seen behind the bathroom door!! Three Great clips of ass and splash!!