Shitting And Ating Urds Bath

Mistress Gaia – Eating Scat For Punishment

ITALIAN SPOKENI hate slaves that are late when I call them. This slave is a usual tardy; I had already punished him many times but even the whip did not succeed in changing his bad behavior. Today I’m going to punish him in a different way. I have tied him down, spread eagle, on the floor and I have positioned my fucking machine between his legs, with the dildo pushed deep inside his ass-hole. He doesn’t know what is going to happen yet: he will have to eat my shit, all of hit. He has never done that before and, when I tell him, he desperately begs for mercy. No way!!!! I squat on his face and release the first piece of shit. My shit today is very hard but he has to swallow it anyway. More pieces will follow and end up first in his mouth, then, in his stomach. I would like to refresh his mouth with some pee but, unfortunately I have no pee at this moment; he will get my spits, instead. Surprisingly, he succeed in eating all my shit; definitively this slave has a future as a toilet-slave!!!! Before leaving, I switch on the fucking machine; he can get some pleasure now!



Wow! That Was A Lot!!!

Bonnie Love blew an ass gasket!! Enjoy in these two scenes as she comes racing into her master bathroom. She shows off, shaking and that bigg PAWG BBW Booty in front the camera before sitting on the toilet to BLOW IT UP!!! Just when you thinks shes done, EVEN more comes Bursting out!!! She really lit it up! IF this clip had smell o vision, you can imagine it probably smelled like Decaying Flesh and raw sewage!!! Wow that was a lot!!

Big Breasted Masha Pees Because It Makes You Horny! – Mp4

Masha completely takes off her clothes to go to toilet. Then she sits down at the toilet and begins to pee after a moment. Wow, that feels sooo much better – and your dick grows inside your pants bigger and bigger while watching her…!