Shitting And Lactating

Filthy Star. Part 2

If you have feeings of the nostalgia – this video will fufill these feelings completely. You know my name, remeber my videos and now I decided to return. So, no names only dirty games, only scat, fuck, hardcore and endless filthy mind games full of domination and desperation.So, what you are going to see here? Shock on my face, scat sex of all kinds, lots of shit and extreme action. Real Filthy Star.

Coco Kisses And Family!!

Coco Kisses is back – and this time she brought company!! Coco Kisses is one of my fave fetish models and this time she got JuicyCrookedSmile to join her!! Juicy is a younger but thicker version of her. Enjoy as they both take turns both in front and behind the camera. Enjoy as Coco gets Juicy to record her peeing while at at a public toilet. Then enjoy as Juicy records herself getting loose as well – keyword being loose!! Enjoy a nice quick bubbleguts clip from Juicy before Coco Kisses takes a painful dump of her own as well!! Then enjoy a bonus clip from Juicy. The clip somehow ended up being recorded in slow motion, but a good reverse kanga scene nonetheless. Five Great clip from these FUNKY friends!!

Perfect Human Toilet

Miss Cherie uses her new slave for the first time as a toilet. After the loser could spoil her feet, she pisses only in a glass, then she shits him directly into the mouth. Without something goes wrong this perfect toilet swallows the entire load, also the glass is emptied completely. Cherie still torments him a little with her high heels before it is again locked in his cell.