Shitting And Pissin

Kaviar Feeding

Mistress Antonella is feeding her slave by shitting into his mouth. He strokes his dick while she is allowing him to eat and then, at the end, he thanks her Mistress allowing him to eat her shit.

Ben Wa Poop Balls

I finally had a chance to do a video with my new Ben Wa Balls! I slowly put them in my tight ass one by one barely getting them to fit. I rode my fav dildo for a little bit showing a little bit of silver peeking at you through my ass. After a mini shower using my Hitachi I pushed out 7 silver balls, a couple brown lumps, and a big brown lumpy ball with a silver ball stuck in it.I had lots of fun grunting, moaning, pushing, and watching myself make this vid!

If You Want To

It was a wish clip to someone.. Do you find my feet sexy? Do you want to jerk of it??Than eat my shit first!!

Golden Shower 9

Alida is in the bathroom on the chest of bobby and examines herself in the mirror. The impulse suddenly comes, over her which must piss. But she has to be gone up to the toilet far too fishily now. She simply pisses in standing on bobby at once instead. This one is below her feet, must bear their whole weight and still is given a shower by their piss properly now.