Shitting At The Beach

What A Shit!

.. that was probably the thought of the slave. 🙂 Would he have willingly made available as my toilet, if he had known what a portion of caviar to come to him? I was a little scared of the amount of shit that landed in his mouth. But now he had to go through. As much as possible, the (poor) sow should swallow. And I think he liked it. 🙂

Smell Delicious Shit

I like to use the slave in a toilet. Here he feels at home. I command him to lick my asshole. He comes deep in my ass with his tongue and already feels taste of bitterish shit, reaching a tongue tip my shit. Then he opens a mouth and I fill it with my delicious shit. I sit down on his face and smother him that he get used a smell and taste of my shit. Thus I accustom the slave to a toilet to that he could absorb my shit easily and in a big portion because I have a lot of shit.

Lady Laras First Time P3

Now there is food for the toilet slaves. Mistress Michelle give the slave the order to lie down on the floor. Then she shits into his toilet mouth in a usual way. With pleasure both observe how the slave eats the shit. After that Lady Lara do the same like Mistress Michelle and shits into the mouth of the toilet slave.