Shitting Best

2 Girls Use Living Toilet In The Sauna

2 pretty girls Adelina and Alexanra again use their toilet slave. They feed him well with their stinky shit. First they bask in the sauna and talk each other about their secrets. Then they take a contrast shower. Adelina leads a living toilet on a leash and they both humiliate the slave and spit in his mouth. Slave licking his feet and sniffing asses, girls laughing at him.. It’s funny to watch girls put down a slave and make a living toilet out of it. Now he is a complete nonentity for them. Now his life will serve as a toilet for this girls and they will always shit in his mouth! The slave is hungry and waiting for the moment when the girls begin to fill it with their delicious shit. Girls relieve their stomachs, put down shit into his throat and smother his face with their beautiful asses.

You Have To Lick My Beads Or Asshole

I came home after really long day. I did my workout at 6pm and till midnight(when I made this clip) I did not took a shower.Im dirty,stinky, between my toes I ve got nice and sticky toejam.In my asshole there are anal bedas I took them out and order You to lick them clean, licmy my asshole clean.But there is a catch.If You will hesitate -Im gonna blackmail you with your sick, perv, fetish.I know that You dont choose what You like, but I dont care.

Lick My Face Clean

Go you little pig and lick my face clean again what I have fully lubricated with my fresh shit. Woe to me You’re licking my face does not clean properly.