Shitting Blonde Girls In Bathroom

Pee Soaked Jeans And Bed

Julia is in her bed in blue jeans and tank top. She is desperate to pee, but she doesnt want to go to the bath and she…she is wetting her jeans and makes a huge puddle on the bed. She is like a waterfall…her jeans are soaked to the feet and the puddle on the bed is huge! Seems like her bladder is absolutely empty, but…surprise!!! here it goes again….incredible ! 🙂

Roxy Shits Again A Lot

next day next shit. After a cigarette Roxy sits on a chair back to slave under her ass and let a big shit pile down into his mouth!

My Slave Vollkacken And Piss Shoes

Yes, you read it correctly. I have a slave who makes sure that the shoes are divine and remain Wore clean! And if he does not, then he gets a special task. My work shoes waiting to be cleaned properly from him to werden.Nun I prepare you your punishment before I put on my shoes, put my homemade biscuits in front of you on the flor.My divine shit is shit on it and the golden champagne verteilt.Dann it gets mushy, watch it!

Sandy Have To Poo Urgent

Today Lady Sandy is without their mother with me and my toilet slave is also there. First I have to use the toilet mouth and pee a really hard jet in its mouth, after that he get a portion of my shit in his toilet mouth. In the second part Lady Sandy must shit at next urgently.