Shitting Camera

Pooping Compilation 1

7 minutes 50 seconds of great sexy poops, watching her poop compilation, pooping on the floor,

Lady Domi Pisses Shits In His Mouth

Domi lets her shit-eater feel the hard way. The loser gets clear orders which he better obeyed immediately, it includes his mouth under her butt position and swallow all piss as well as shit. Anything that is not executed quickly and properly enough is acknowledged immediately. The slave is psychologically and physically tormented and twisted on obedience. A slave feels at Lady Domi small and awkward, just as it should be.

Pissed Off And Shit

I dont it myself and pee and shit

Users Serving

A user had applied for a nice serving of caviar, and he has received! Sexy I pose for him, then he gets fresh shitting in the box. amore than 300-gram serving. I clean myself thoroughly, have a long look onto the result and weigh it! Yum! 🙂