Shitting Cat Gay Cum

Office Ladies Target The Intern! – Part 3

After filling his face with vomits of noodles, they take turns sitting over his face and washing him with their piss! They clean the vomit off his face before commanding him to do the paperwork!

Becky’s Logging Back In!!

Becky is back with a new great clip!! Enjoy as this newbie Is getting into the grove in these four great clips. Enjoy as she grunts and strains out some nice plops. Good rearview angles allow you to see as they splash into the bowl!! This cutie is defintiely getting into the groove!!! Plenty of peeing and plopping in these great clips!! It’s really like watching the girl next door take a dump watching her clips!!

Big Pile Of Shit Over His Nasty Face!

Yesterday I didn’t take a shit, and today I had a lot of it acummulated for this pig. After do it I toke a picture of his face covered of creamy and soft shit and warn him that if he isn’t a good boy, I will have to send the picture to all my girlfriends, this way they will know the kind of retarded pig is him! Hahaha! For last I put out all the content of my ashtray in his face and spit him.

Piss Drink 5

Pissing-Queen Lucilla uses bobby as a living toilet for its pissing fun. Bobby must put itself in the ground just on the ground, Lucilla stands with the feet on its upper part of the body and then spreads the legs over its head. It is already bubbling from her twat on it down at the next moment, too. She changes directly over its face into the squatting position it and pisses into the mouth. Bobby swallows her piss like toilet. The piss runs down the face, burns for it in the eyes and it does not come to drink at all with this after. The yellowish waterfall infers from Lucilla’s pussy down on its face interminably. As a crowning end it rises with its own feet into the piss on the ground, body stands with both legs on bobbies it tear the piss still in the face and rubs. The best face care!