Shitting Cream With Shit

New Slave Try Shit First Time

I have a new slave from Milano and I am special dirty for him. I didn’t wash 3 days and my ass smell like shit! I make him sniff it and worship before I load a huge long shit in his mouth and face! He never tried shit before and this is his first time being a toilet. He is very lucky to be my toilet because I am beautiful and my shit is delicious.

Smell Of My Asshole

I have to take a dump, and you’re going to get it – right in your grubby mouth! It’s really an easy concept to understand! Now open wide your shithole my little toilet, and get ready to eat my shit, you’re a full loser. I’ve been holding it in for a really long time now, and it can’t wait any longer. WOW… What HUGE shit! Ha-ha-ha! Do you really like it ??? Because you must like it loser! This is your fate!

A Few Days In Toilet Wmv

Three days of my dirty toilets. In the first video I’m naked piss and shit. In the second video, I get up in the morning with abdominal pain, I have constipation. The third video this relax in my toilet with pee and poop.

Lady Jasmine Black, Pissing Games In The Bathtub

Lady Jasmine Black uses her stylish bathtube not only for hot relaxing baths.No, she also uses it as a toilet !!Watch her while she is playing with her pee!