Shitting Cum On Chest

Queen Sylvy’s Best Of 2017!!

Queen Sylvy Sent me this collection she personally edited herself!! These were her personal favorite moments from her her favorite clips of 2017….This is an ALL ACTION compilation!! Over 16 minutes of gassy pissing, plops and farts!!! Queen Sylvy is becoming the the gold standard in natural toilet fetish action!! This is a reintroduction for new fans to her classic scenes prior to us partnering up and a way to see all the action parts in one video!! No Visible scat in this one as shown in the gif. I know some of you are hard pressed for that as this is scatshop and all lol. But this is one for my old school customers who just love the ACT of Pooping. Also for folks who love the sounds of pooping, and the grunting and groaning, and straining involved in dropping a big dump – without seeing it! Just seeing a woman take a shit as she normally would everyday turns me on more than ANYTHING. When folks ask me what I love – Queen Sylvy is where I’m at! Enjoy this look back at last year, but stay tuned for newer, hotter, SCATSHOP EXCLUSIVE content like she has been putting out in 2018!

Hairy Closeup

Giving you a closeup of my pussy when it was hairy and i piss and shit alot.

Hot College Girl Marley Pooping On The Plate

Hot college girl Marley pooping on the plate

Eatshit Female Slave

A female slave pee in a cup full of condoms and then drinking all. Not satisfied the master defecate in a bowl and offer to her shit for complete swallow.from site