Shitting Directly In Human Mouth

My Pee Is Better Than Anything

My new doggie-slave, already completely dehumanized, is ready for his first test: the test of the bowl. While I pee, the doggie looser – totally blindfolded – hears the sound of my golden shower descending into his bowl. Could he drink all? I hope for him: otherwise his punishment will be tremendous!

P – Mw – Drink My Pee And Lick My Dirty Feet – Full – 02 – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 18:11. Weronika has good day. Her personal slave licking her dirty feet and drinking her liquids when she want to pee.


Close, closer, even closer and you had stuck in my butt hole. 🙂 So see from very close how these beautiful nuggets and much of dark gush creamy mass come out of my ass.. Pee and pussy cream included!

Double Dose Of Jessica Ipod/iphone

Double dose of big butt bbw Jessica take shits in the slaves face. Her first and second time one one clip for one low price. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats, and now Ipad 720p HD